Communications 2019


  • When the french television showed one of the greatest health scandals about cosmetics in France : Morhange 1972, B. COULOMB, Televisualing Health: television, public, health its enthusiasts and its publics. March 1st 2019, Londres (UK).           
  • Theoretical Studies of Inhibitors of Tyrosinase, H. JAMET, (Invited Conference), 5th Quantum BioInorganic Chemistry Conference (V-QBIC), June 8-10th 2019 (Marseille)
  • Organoids and Biological Avatars. W. RACHIDI, Research Symposium Soochow university, 9-11 Septembre 2019, Suzhou, Chine.
  • Keratinocyte stem cells are more resistant to UVA radiation than their direct progenyW. RACHIDI, Conférence au centre R&I L’OREAL, 04 Novembre 2019 – Aulnay-sous-Bois
  • Proteomic analysis to identify candidate biomarkers associated with skin co-exposure to ultraviolet radiations and Benzo[a]pyrene RACHIDI W. Journées 2019 de la Société Française de Photobiologie « Photobiologie sous le soleil », 27-29 Novembre 2019 – Paris              

Workshop supported by GIS Apparences, Corps & Sociétés -ACORSO- June 26th 2019, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris

  • Historicity of beauty advertising practices on YouTube: between recurrence and novelty (1950-2019). B. COULOMB
  • Ethics on YouTube, Beauty and Lifestyle channelsF. CHARPIGNY
  • Design, synthesis and mechanisms of melanogenesis inhibitors, C. FAURE, BioInformatics meets BioSimulations in protein and DNA studies: from theory to practice (BImBS 2019), October 5-12th 2019, Lugano (Suisse)
  • Modèles tridimensionnels du vieillissement cutané. W. RACHIDI, table ronde recherche du congrès de Société Française de Chirurgie Plastique, Reconstructice et Esthétique (S.O.F.C.P.R.E.), 21-23 Novembre 2019.
  • Evolution of skin organoid: from simple to complex model L. JOBEILLI, Scientific meeting of WG Organoids, ITMO TS and BCDE and GDR “Réparer l’Humain”, Dec. 2019, Paris