Tyrosinases: enzymes, models and related applications


The following sections are included:
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Tyrosinases: Enzymes
    • Introduction
    • Catalytic Mechanism of Tyrosinases
    • Domain Organization of Tyrosinases
    • Activation Process of Tyrosinases
    • Structural Features of Tyrosinases
    • Applications of Tyrosinases
  • Tyrosinases: Synthetic Analogs
    • Model Complexes and Reactive Intermediates
    • Models Complexes and External Catalytic Phenolic Hydroxylation
      • Dinuclear Copper Complex Approach
      • Mononuclear Copper Complex Approach
    • Models Complexes and Diversification of Phenol Hydroxylation Reactions
      • Alternative Substrates
      • Stereoselective Reactions
      • Hydroxylation and Oxidative Coupling
      • Oxidation for Phenol Pollutants Degradation
    • Model Complexes as an Approach to Identify Inhibitors of Melanins Biosynthesis
  • Acknowledgments
  • References
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